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abstract art, acting, agatha christie, alex mahone/michael scofield, alex rodriguez, alex rodriguez/derek jeter, alfred hitchcock movies, allmychildren, alvarez/o'reily, andy pettitte, aphrodisiacs, aromatherapy, art, astrology, ballet, ballet hispanico, baseball, bellydancing, bianca/maggie, bianca/marissa, bike riding, blues, bookstores, brian kinney/justin taylor, buddhism, burn notice, cats, central park, chanting, chase/house, chinese astrology, chris keller, christopher meloni, classical music, coffee, coffee houses, comedians, comedy, concerts, conversation, cooking, creativity, curb your enthusiasm, dacshunds, dan/chuck, dancing, danny williams, derek jeter, det.jocelyn carter, doctor who, dogs, donna noble, expressionism, feminism, femmeslash, fiction, fiji isles, film noir, flamenco, galleries, george carlin, going out to dinner, gossipgirl, hawaii5-0, homeland, house/chase, ianto jones, ianto/owen, ianto/ten, impressionism, improvisation, jack harkness, jack/ianto, james patterson, jazz, john cleese, john reese, jon stewart, justin taylor, keller/beecher, kendall hart /greenlee smythe(amc), larry david, law&order, law&orderci, law&ordersvu, lawrence block, lee tergesen, lewis black, meditation, michael westin, miguel alvarez, monty python, movies, museums, musicals, mysteries, natural healing, ny yankees, nyc ballet, oceans, omar little, opera, oz, pablo neruda, parks, person of interest, philosophy, photography, poetry, prisonbreak, psychic ability, psychology, queer as folk, ray romano, reading, reiki, robert chase, rock, ryan o'reily/miguel alvarez, salsa dancing, saxophones, seinfeld, serena/blair, shopping, singing, slash, spirituality, stephen colbert, steve mcgarrett, steve/danny, swimming, tai chi, tango, ten/donna, ten/ianto, tenth doctor, tenth doctor/the master, the avengers(original), the colbert report, the sting, the wire, theatre, tobiasbeecher, torchwood, toshiko/ianto, travel, working out, writing fiction, yankeeslash, yoga
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